A Day in the Life of Distance Learning

By: Julia Craig

In today’s article, I will be taking you through my typical day in distance learning. The first week of distance learning definitely had its challenges, but things were very well organized considering the circumstances. Being my junior year, it was extremely stressful switching to distance learning mid-semester. Luckily between the modified schedule and my teachers, it has been much better than I anticipated. Sure, it is not the same as going to school, but it is working very well. 

With the new schedule, first period begins at 9:00 AM. Every morning I wake up at 8:00 AM to give myself an hour to get focused and ready for the day. After eating breakfast with my family, I head upstairs to log onto my first class if needed. One aspect of distance learning that I have appreciated is that some of my teachers do not require students to log onto Zoom every class period. Yes, we still have assigned work for the period, but it is nice to not be staring into the screen every period. 

At 10:25 AM, break begins which is usually when I make my way back downstairs to spend time with my little sister. If I am feeling super productive, I will begin some homework or the class assignments for the following period. From 11:00 AM to 12:25 PM, I log onto my two classes and work. Since distance learning began, I have had assignments such as papers, discussion forums, in-class essays, and lectures. These types of assignments were typical before distance learning, so nothing has changed in that aspect of school. After these two classes I have lunch with my mom and then begin to work on my homework so I can spend more of the day outside. 

My last class finishes at 2:10 PM and right after I get dressed to run. My volleyball practices have been cancelled due to the virus so I have been running more to make up for this. After finishing with my run, I like to either go swimming or paddle boarding with my sister. Two positives of this whole situation is that I now get to spend more time with my family and I’ve been able to enjoy the bay. Usually my sister and I will stay outside until around 6:00 and then head inside to shower for dinner. Family dinners have been such a positive aspect of social distancing for me because normally my sister and I practice on opposite days of the week.

Other than the morning and afternoon, my night routine is pretty normal. Some homework, relaxing, and then bed.

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