Dog of the Month: March Edition

By: Nadya DeFreitas

Each month at the Chronicle, we send out a poll asking you, the students and faculty, to send in pictures and bios about your dogs. Your submissions are then voted on by the student body, and the results are recorded. For the Month of March, we had some fabulous submissions and would like to thank everyone who participated and sent in pictures.

But now to the moment you’ve all been waiting for: our March “Dog of the Month” is…Tucker!

Tucker is an adorable 5 month old French Bulldog who loves to eat and hates to go to the bathroom outside. As a fun fact, their owner stated that “he has a hernia.” We at the Chronicle would like to send a big hug his way, and we hope he gets the help he needs. 🙂 

Congratulations to our March “Dog of the Month” Tucker!

We are super excited to keep this segment going so please email pictures of your dog with a little bio about them if you want your dog to be considered next month’s “Dog of the Month!”

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