Club Spotlight- Environmental Club

By: Mattie Tomey

Founded by Julia Marquis and Brenna Dukes, the Environmental Club made its debut in the Shorecrest Club this year. Along with raising awareness about the importance of environmental issues, members of the Environmental Club participate in a variety of activities throughout the year. One project involves the upkeep of on-campus recycling, properly disposing of the recycling in all the teachers’ rooms every week. The Environmental Club members also work with the lower school to take food waste and compost it for the community garden at the local church throughout the year. 

Club co-founder Julia Marquis and Eric Jacobson taking compost from the lower school. 

Even amidst a global pandemic, the Environmental Club is still doing its part to spread knowledge and awareness in its community. For the week of Earth Day, our club leaders had a range of activities planned, including an advisory activity dedicated to the day. Since this could not happen due to social distancing, Brenna and Julia did their part by hosting an Earth Week celebration through Instagram and Facebook. They started an Instagram and a Facebook page “to share ways to be environmentally friendly from home,” (Brenna Dukes). During our distance learning Zoom Morning Meeting, Julia spoke briefly about Earth Day and showed us a short video about the importance of taking care of the earth. 

the Environmental Club Earth Week instagram

As the Environmental Club is a newer club, it will continue to grow and evolve, especially when we have more time on campus. Members will continue to work to make Shorecrest, and the rest of the community more sustainable and environmentally conscious. 

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