New Hair, Who Dis?

By: Julia Craig

Social distancing has given everyone much more time in their schedules. This being said, there are many viral activities and trends which many people, particularly teenagers, are following. One of which is dying or cutting your hair. It’s not like you will be seeing anyone soon – perfect timing! 

Through social media, I have seen hair dyed almost every color of the rainbow. In today’s article, I will be showcasing these spontaneous Shorecrest highschoolers’ new doos! Thank you to all the students who reached out or submitted photos.

Anna Peterson (Class of 2020)

Gabi Hahn (2023)

Spencer Mendehlson (Class of 2021)

Kendall Farley (Class of 2021)

Shannon Ross (Class of 2021)

Dorothy Cenedella (Class of 2021)

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