Service Opportunities

“No Act of Kindness, However Small, Is Ever Wasted” – Aesop

It’s a little challenging to engage in service activities when you’re stuck in your room most of the day. But here are some options that you can do to help make a difference in other people’s lives?

  1. Feed The Hungry

It may seem counterproductive to leave the house to volunteer, but Feeding Tampa Bay up is all up to date on CDC guidelines and has all the precautions in place to stay social distancing. 

  1. Make A Video!

You can get service hours for creating a fun video for residents of the Westminster Palms, a local senior living facility. This can range anywhere from storytelling, recording a tutorial, or making a skit. Check Mr. Duran-Medina’s email for more info. For each video made, you can recieve one hour of service. 

  1. Or A Letter!

This is another project you can do for the Westminster Palms residents. In Mr. Medina’s e-mail, he has a list of the residents that you can send a positive, uplifting letter (poems or drawings are encouraged, but not required). Be kind and be creative!

  1. Become A Transcriber

Also in Mr. Medina’s e-mail are two links to do virtual transcription: for the Smithsonian and for the Library of Congress By The People Transcribing project. It can seem like tedious work, but it can be an interesting project to learn some new things, while also getting one hour of service for each one hour of transcribing done. 

  1. Help a Non-Profit

Catchafire is a website that lets you volunteer your skills, such as video editing, logo design, reviewing websites, and answering phone calls, to nonprofits. These can range from one hour at a time or several week-long projects. Along with getting hours for service, having “pro bono consulting” on your resume is a great way to stand out from the crowd. 


  1. Do Something! is a website that specifically caters to teens and young people. There are a variety of causes to choose from, and many can be done from your home. With issues ranging from bullying to education to sexual harassment to mental health, there is something for everyone. 


  1. Project Gutenberg

The goal of Project Gutenberg is to become the largest library of free books. As a volunteer, you can do anything from proofreading to procuring eligible books. 


  1. Try Some Knitting

Warm Up America! is an organization that knitted or crocheted 7” x 9” sections, finished afghans (a type of knitted or crocheted shawl/blanket), and other accessories. While they cannot currently receive donations because of COVID-19, the organization asks that people still make donatable items and hold on to them until they announce that they will be accepting them again. 


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