Appreciation of the Creative Arts at Shorecrest: Spotlight on Charla Gaglio

By: Sara Rose The Shorecrest art program is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows curious students to seek knowledge and express themselves as creative individuals. Over the past couple of years, the artistic students of Shorecrest have offered many diverse and attractive pieces of artwork for the Shorecrest community to indulge in and interpret together. ArtContinue reading “Appreciation of the Creative Arts at Shorecrest: Spotlight on Charla Gaglio”

Senior Night 2021: A Homecoming Game to Remember 

By: Luke Tunnell After the excitement of Class Competition Day, the Charger community came together for the last Homecoming Week event: the Homecoming football game. After coming off a nearly undefeated season, the Chargers would face one final opponent before advancing to the playoffs: Academy at the Lakes. The Charger football team was already highlyContinue reading “Senior Night 2021: A Homecoming Game to Remember “

Slip n’ Slide Kickball

By: Alexa Rose With football season coming to an end, the senior’s homecoming week victory showed how collaboration is the key to school pride. As senior Yvonne Lin said, “Slip n’ slide kickball was successful. It really emphasized the importance of teamwork. It felt nice to win, and the event demonstrated our class spirit.” TheContinue reading “Slip n’ Slide Kickball”

Best Costumes of Homecoming Week

By: Sarah Ellis Morgan Shorecrest had a blast seeing all of the creative and amazing homecoming costumes. While none of the winners below are from the underclassmen, they showed a valiant effort. The winners had this to say afterwards: Seasons Day Winners: Class Winner: Seniors! Individual Male: Dexter Schneider “A friend of mine came upContinue reading “Best Costumes of Homecoming Week”

Hot or Rot: Powderpuff Cheerleading 

By: Your Drama-Addict, Marco Camuzzi It’s the second most important event of Hoco (the first, of course, being volleyball): the event where boys can dress in crop tops without shame, get on their hands and knees and twerk, breaking their backs like Britney. I am talking about… powderpuff cheerleading. I’ll start by giving a quickContinue reading “Hot or Rot: Powderpuff Cheerleading “