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The Red Room

It was a stormy night when Paul checked into an incredibly old hotel. You could tell that this building had made it through many decades. Dents throughout the Hotel walls, stains spotted over dusty rugs, and a warm, dim light illuminating the hallways.

Before receiving his room key, he hoped he would receive a key to the rooftop room. The highest floor. He could see the key hanging there on the wall, available for anyone to receive. When he received his key, it was very disappointing for it was not the top floor room. He had seen the key hanging there, available for anyone to have. Hanging there, atop all the other keys on the wall. There seemed to be something off about the fact he did not receive this room, for he had requested the HIGHEST floor possible, so he asked the bellhop.


“Why did I not revive that key? I asked for the highest floor! What about that key?” Paul asked the bellhop, pointing at the weird, white, wacky key (All the other keys were gold).

“Well, I can’t give you that room you sir.” The bellhop responded sternly.

“Why!?! That is the room I want!” Paul yelled back.

“I am sorry sir; I cannot do that…” The bellhop said and turned to help the next guest.


Paul became curious and devised a plan to go to that room and see what was wrong…


When he arrived at the 7th floor, after climbing the stairs because the old hotel had no elevators, he looked at the highest floor open room, and what he saw was a disheveled door. What he saw were cracks running down and up through the door. What he saw was the dust of decades, settled atop this dreary door. What he saw sent shivers down Paul’s spine.


Paul returned to his assigned room and fell asleep. In his slumber, he saw a red liquid fall upon the walls of his Hotel room. After the liquid fully consumed the walls, the ceiling fell in on him. Paul jumped from his bed and what he saw was the silhouette of a lady sitting at his bedside… Paul did not dare fall asleep again that night…


Paul did not dare return to the room at the top floor again, for he believed that seeing the room the night before had caused his fears


Paul stumbled down into the lobby when he asked the new bellhop on duty why you could not stay in the room on the tallest floor. The bellhop refused at first but after yelling and a loud SLAM! Of Paul’s fist to the counter, the bellhop told him why…


“Many years ago, the roof of that room fell in and collapsed upon the couple inside, killing one of them. No one knows why it happened for sure, but rumor has it the husband of the lady that died hit the walls of the room using a RED sledgehammer.” The bellhop whispered to Paul.


“Why would he do that?” Paul asked.


“Some say it was because he wanted to divorce his wife for, she would only be white, and did not like her appearance, but could not bear telling her about the way he felt, so he decided to kill her instead, so he would not have to tell her. Alas, she woke up during the incident, and the last thing she saw before she died was a red sledgehammer in the hands of her beloved. Now she haunts those who have abandoned their loved ones…


A loud CRACK! Boomed through the lobby. The walls shook and the lights flickered, leaving no one in the room besides Paul. Everyone had vanished…


A loud CRACK! Sounded through the Hotel a second time. Then, a lady wearing all white came trampling down the stairs, the lady from Paul’s nightmare, and she was carrying a red sledgehammer!


The women ascended from the stairs and flew right past Paul, striking the wall with the sledgehammer. She continued to hit wall after wall until she reached the final wall, that if hit would cause the ceiling to collapse, and Paul asked, “Why are you doing this!?!”


“You know why…” she responded with a grainy, shaky voice.


Paul realized that the lady had come to give Paul had he deserved. He had run away from this partner and come to this hotel because he did not want to be tied down by the responsibilities of being a new father…


Paul was about to respond when she hit the final wall…


Darkness consumed Paul… an endless, deep, and lonely darkness, that would engulf him forever.

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